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Effective anai anai white ant termite powder as lure food attraction
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Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 5 cm x 16 cm
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Non-Toxic Smell Type Termite Powder To Human.

Effective Anai Anai White Ant Termite Powder As Lure Food Attraction.

Lure Attraction Powder Type Of White Ant Termite Killer Solution


  • Effective Powder Types to Kill Terminites/Anai-anai/Semut/Serangga.
  • Non-Toxic Smell Type Termite Powder To Human.
  • Contain 100grams Of Powder.

Special Features:-

Special Formulation Powder For Termite/Racun Serangga/Insecticide/Anai-Anai/Semut.

New Type Of Termite Trapping Technology Which Include Moisturiser And Termite Trapping Powder.

Composition Of Powder Is Termite Trapping Enzyme 5 % /Bait 15% / Carrier 80%.

Composition Of Termite Powder Able To Lure Termite/ Anai-Anai To Eat Automatically.

Affected Termite That Eat Termite Powder Will Spread Powder Composition To Its Whole Termite Family.

Easy, Convenience And Effective Termite/Anai-Anai Killer Compare To Traditional Termite Method.

Comparison Between New Technology Powder Type And Traditional Termite Chemical

Powder Type Termite KIller Traditional Type Termite Control
No Need Drill Hole And Doesn't Affect Decoration Have To Drill Make And Affect Decoration
Effective Method To Lure Termite To Eat Powder If Saw Any Termite Have To Use Lot Of Termite Chemical To On Uncertainty Affected Area Even If Unsure Of It.
Simple And Effectively Eliminate Termites By Luring Termite To Eat. Termites WIll Run Away From Termite Chemical If They Smell Any Harmful Chemical.
Harmless To Human When Doing Execution On KIlling Termites Harmful To Human If Use Chemical Because of Its Toxic Smell During Performing Execution
Need Some Time 3 Months To 6 Months For Affected Termite To Transfer The Toxic To Its Friend Can Kill Termite At Shorter Times But Not Effective Because Termite will Run Away And We Need Finds Its Nest To KIll
No Need To Frequently Do. Can Preserve Building From Termite Damage. Need To Perform Chemical Spray And Repeat The Process after 2 or 3 Years
imple , Convenience, Fast And Effective Toxic , Long process During Execution.

How TO Use:

1.Mix Powder With Water And Brush On Wood / Brush On Paper And Wrap it Using Opaque Material (etc Black Plastic ) To Make It A Trap.

2. Place Termite Powder On White Termite Place Or Walking Track.


Application: Applicable At Construction, House, Furniture, Timber, Tree Planting 



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